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Are you having difficulty affording your Viagra®
or other brand name ED medicine?

Are you spending up to $200 or more to get 4 pills or less?

We want to assist you in reducing your cost and increasing your ability to pay for your
ED (erectile dysfunction) medication.


2 Options For Your Choice.
We now have Generic Viagra® for $10 each!
(quantity of #10 for $99)

We still offer a 20mg tablet of Sildenafil for less than
$2 each! (quantity of #50 for $80)

We have always offered this 20mg. lower dose option for those that
want to adjust their dose more precisely or need a lower dose.




Option 1: Generic Viagra® – 100mg or 50mg

Transfer Your Current Viagra Rx To Us! Easy – We Call For You!

Our Best Value – #10 Tablets (100mg. or 50mg.) Generic Viagra®

ONLY $99 for 10 Tablets!

SAVE MORE – Only $169 for 20 Tablets!

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Option 2: 20mg. Low Dose Sildenafil

Ex: Five 20mg tablets of Sildenafil is equivalent to one 100mg Viagra®.

Price: 50 Sildenafil 20mg (ten 100mg doses) $80* VS. $650 for ten Viagra® 100mg.

Note: This is the FDA approved generic of Revatio® 20mg tablet.
The active ingredient is identical to Viagra® just in a different strength.

We CANNOT substitute any prescription (or refill) written for Viagra® for Low Dose Sildenafil 20mg. without a phone call
to your prescriber to get authorization for the following New Rx:

Sildenafil Erectile Dysfunction



Click Here for printable information to take to your doctor.

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